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BRUNO Collie / Staffy
This lovely dog from Beeston Rylands came for a full groom at Groovy Grooming.
DUCHESS, Bulldog
This gentle young dog came to the salon for a bath and nail trim before her owners wedding.
It was a brush, bath and blow dry for handsome Chief when he came to dog grooming salon in Beeston NG9.
GUCCI, Shih Tzu / Pomeranian
This happy little dog came with her owner from Bermuda to live in Nottingham and visits Groovy Grooming for a monthly bath and trim.
JAKE, Cocker Spaniel
This Cocker Spaniel came to the dog salon in Beeston for her coat to be hand-stripped to stay lovely and silky.
BENTLEY, Shih Tzu / Poodle
Bentley was off to the coast so the request was 'short all over' so this lovely dog was ready to enjoy the sand and sea.
AMBER Springer Spaniel
Amber was a pleasure to groom and her owner said 'Laura did a great job and Amber really liked her.'
SID Patterdale / Daschund
This friendly dog came to the dog salon inn Beeston for a full groom.
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  Laura Read, Dog Groomer
Tel 07703 898441
Groovy Grooming
Dog Grooming Salon
6 Trafalgar Road

Beeston Rylands


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